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At Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Media we record stories, interviews and meetings, produce and record music and run Radio 5NPY broadcasting across the APY Lands. All are designed to keep Anangu informed of the work of organisations on the APY Lands and the world around us and to keep people happy with a diverse collection of music and other audio content for broadcast on the radio. PY Media also provide audio and text translation services.

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talk issues, black lives matter, news, politics, aboriginal people, animals, land, music, giveaways, Australia, anything really whatever Arshaan wants to talk about. Interaction welcomed. Arshaan is a Young Local Aboriginal man that works as a coordinator for PYMedia and has weekly broadcast shows on 5NPY Radio. tune in every week. ... See MoreSee Less

8 hours ago


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You're making a difference already bro by being a voice for your people and being a role model for younger men from all these communities need more content like this keep up the good work bro 💪

iPad competition should be a kid living in APY should do artwork saying 5NPY on it, 10 most creative artwork wins , and it’s hard topics to talk about Arshaan but glad you’re doing it keep going .

Who’s in charge of hiring the managers? there should be Anangu community members also helping to choose workers on management roles I think.

Can I join in, on live (interact) to to help shed some light on mental health and what support there is for Anangu on APY?

Everyone watching live now should share this amazing initiative by Arshaan Khan #spreadthebushfireradio

You are a strong wati 💪🏽 and you are starting the conversations that needs to happen now.

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 exactly!!! where’s the justice for the families and they got all the support for the police officer.

Thank you for speaking up on this issues, it needs to be spotlighted💡💡👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽well done marutju🙌🏽

Uwa mulapa!! Wati tjuta need support.

The book is called “Tall Man” about that bloke in palm island nanga it made me cry good book but so sad 😭

anangu voice needs to be heard🙌🏽 also for Anangu to be proud ownership of their own ngura and leading

Turn up the heat, katja

We are both Enjoying listening to show and hearing your thoughts.

Omg what an iPad competition for apy mob that’s so deadly

Turn that heat on katja now, palya the hardware can take it.

Tjukurpa levela


Stable steering wheel 😆 true though

Hey my nef it's uncle henry




It's unc Henry not monty lol

Click on “invite to live video”

I love U neff

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14 hours ago


Comment on Facebook

Yes do it Dylan!!!!!

Grateful blueboy

Blueboy grateful

Kids storytime

Kid appropriate music lol

Hello uncle Arshaan and sister Aishah, it’s me Amirah 💖


Asayah the next future radio announcer of S.A. 😍

And hello sister asayah I miss yous

Asayahs hair is so long right now!!!!

Ask the girls to sing a song on radio

Hahahahahahaha mad



viiii Dylan Hayes

Hello my brothers and nieces ❤️💯

Dylan Hayes

Awww cute ❤️

they watching youtube they cant hear the music streaming out hahaha


gwarti murry

Great show boys

Dylan Hayes what time your show comes on??

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we do not own the rights to the music played in this video we recognise and promote all artists played in our radio shows. thsnk you for all support ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago


Comment on Facebook

Don't Know Why Song by Norah Jones relaxing music pls.

Sound blast in Irrunytju to Adelaide too awesome

Good to see the babies in the studio❤️

Beautiful Child by Archie Roach??

Mulapa awesome end to a work day Friday

This new song from Baker Boy aye??

Omg well when I come there Umuwa I’m gonna come on the show too like everyone else 😂

Need a red wine to listen to this🤪🍷🍷

This song sounds deadly

Shout out to Natalie O’toole

Yay!! Mala good to see you and your babies

Hope she's listening

Oh wow babies are so big now 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Uwa wirunya relaxing

Awesome avo kick back

My request GO there please

Waiii... solid we will tune in

Solid ... live!!

Pipalyatjara band old band

Awesomeness Live

one more please one more for me hang on I’ll find the song


Thank you 🙏 then no more 😂😂

Six60 palumpa favourite

BOSS 👌🏼👌🏼

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