Ikungka_web_page_renderedP1010589Radio 5NPY takes every opportunity to interview the many visitors who come to the Lands for their work. It is essential that Anangu are edified as to the nature and purpose of the work of the politicians, bureaucrats and trades people who come here.

This interview about the Ngintaka (Perentie) exhibition in Adelaide in 2014 gives a fine account of the issues of politics and traditional culture that arose from the occasion.

In this interview Kunmanara Nyaningu sings and tells excerpts from the story of the Ngintaka. Kunmanara has now passed and his memory is a treasure of traditional knowledge.

Listen to some of 5NPY’s coverage of the 2014 Tjilpi Pampa Festival.

This interview is part of 5NPY’s coverage of events that effect the people of the APY, its institutions and policies. In this interview a discussion of the recent amendment to the APY Land Rights Act by the SA government Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Ian Hunter.