Amos Frank, Broadcaster and Education and Media Unit Trainee

Bradley Imalyangu Roberts, Station Coordinator

Bradley Roberts from the Community of Fregon is the new Station Coordinator of PY Media. He is a multi-skilled media worker that broadcasts daily from Umuwa on radio 5NPY from 2pm to 3pm. He says this about working for PY Media  “Working as the Station Coordinator of PY Media is a challenging role. I am really enjoying my job and I am learning how to do it.” Listen here to an interview conducted by Bradley for radio 5NPY……

Matthew Berryman, PY Media Trainer & Education and Media Unit Coordinator

Matthew Berryman has been living and working on the APY lands for four years. He went to Fregon in 2012 to work with with RASAC as the Fregon CWO. While Matthew was working in Fregon he developed a desire to learn Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara, he has been slowly learning and getting better over the past few years.

Matthew has a new baby boy called Theodore and by his nickname kuru blue

Matthew has come to work with PY Media and is really excited to get into the roles of Trainer and EMU Coordinator and help with information dissemination to Anangu tjuta.

Tom Holder, PY Media Manager

Tom Holder has been working and living with Anangu since very early in his life where he discovered his love for Linguistics and language; in particular the Western Desert languages. He formalised his education at the University of New England with an Arts degree majoring in Applied and Socio-linguistics. Tom has been living and working in the APY Lands over a period of time since 2009.

Interpreting and translating are two of his passions and he works as both in the languages of Pintupi, Luritja, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara. Tom previously delivered the NAATI approved Diploma of Interpreting in 2008 during which time he crated many Pintupi/Luritja based interpreter taining materials. He has since worked on numerous large projects (government and non-government) as an interpreter and translator in the APY Lands and Australia wide.

He enjoys the role as Manager as it provides many opportunities to engage the community in the production of local radio content, to grow community participation in radio and to enlighten, educate, engage and motivate Anangu of the APY Lands by way of new and insightful radio content.