Sandra Ikungka Lewis

Sandra Lewis is an experienced and motivated broadcaster on radio 5NPY. She lives and reports on life in Ernabella and reflects on issues such as Land Rights. She is deeply involved in her community and is a proud member of PY Media. Spirituality is also an important topic for Ikungka. Listen in as she blends music from all genres with commentary on Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara culture, politics weekly from 11 am till 12 pm.

Jarrad Van Horen

Hello My name is Jarrad Van Horen, I am 20 years old and I work part – time as a radio broadcaster at Umuwa PY Media. I live in Kenmore Park community, Kenmore is not just a small community it is also a cattle station and is owned by my Grandfather Donald Fraser. We own about two to four thousand cattle and two thousand square kilometres of land in the APY. I started working at PY Media in June. this is My first time working in media and I enjoy learning new things about how to broadcast on radio and also to interview people. in the future I would like to learn more about media and how it works. I am looking forward to doing a certificate 3 training course and going to the IRCA festival in Bamaga QLD.

Sherborn Strangways

Hi my name is Sherborn I am 18 and I’m from Port Augusta. I was raised at Iwantja community now I’m living in Kenmore Park station. I started working in June 2014 at PY Media and I really enjoy my job in the studio talking on the radio and telling people what’s going on around the communities. I have learnt a lot at PY Media about broadcasting, editing, and all sorts. We go around to different communities and we do interviews and make station IDs then we take the recordings back to PY Media and edit them and put them on the radio and internet 🙂 I love my job…..

Sherborn and Jarrad both live in Yunyarinyi (Kenmore Park) and work at the PY Media hub in Umuwa during the week.

Desmond Woodforde

Desmond Woodforde broadcasts from the PY Media Mimili Community Studio where he brings a range of pertinent questions and issues to the community of APY. Desmond is a passionate and highly skilled musician who has produced a range of music. You will hear Desmond’s songs blended into his daily shows – they are truly unique and very, very catchy.

Katjatji Tjami

Katjatji Tjami broadcasts from Mimili Community five days per week. Katjatji a highly skilled radio broadcaster and sound engineer. He often adds narrative to the interviews through his skills with editing software.

Nyukuti Peters

Nyukuti works and lives in Kanpi Community. He is an accomplished musician and is the drummer for the popular band “Thunder Boys”