Through the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, APY Schools, Telstra, the NBN, AFP and SAPOL PY Media is conducting a Cyber Safety Awareness campaign to ensure information is available and accessible for all people from APY about how to be safe online. This project is of high importance as Telstra’s 4G network and the NBN is rolled out across the APY Lands.

We are developing multimedia resources in Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara, such as the ones below, so that we can understand the possible dangers and positive ways to use digital telecommunications to support education, culture and social cohesion.

Below are some of the resources that have been developed so far.

Nganana waakaringanyi Department panya Prime Minister munu Cabinet-tawanu, Telstra-lawanu, NBN-tawanu, AFP-lawanu munu SAPOL-ta tjanalawanu nintintjaku nganana munu nganampa walytja tjuta online-pangka atunypa wiru ngarantjaku. Kuwari nganampa ngaranyi alatjitu kuranytju-kuranytju wangkara kulira nintiringkunytjaku Telstra munu NBN panya internet APY-lawanungku wala pulka panyatja alara wananyangka.

Pitjantjatjarangku munu Yankunytjatjarangkula palyani piitja uripaitjara munu wangkatjara tjuta ara nyanga palunyatjara, nyanga tjaru ngarantja tjuta purunypa munu kutjupa tjuta kulu, nganana uwankarangku ninti kulintjaku panya ara nyanga palula kutjupa-ara tjukurpa kura ngarapai palu wiru tjuta kulu palyalpai ngaranyi panya kuulaku, cultureku munu nganana tjungu kalypa wiru nyinatjaku.

Tjaru nyanga ngaranyi nganana ara nyanga palunyatjara palyantja mankurpa.



This dramatised CSA is about how silly behaviour between a two people online can lead to serious conflict involving multiple people, with real consequences for those that get involved.


This dramatised CSA explores the serious issue of sexting and it’s legal and personal ramifications for those who engage and solicit it and for the family’s and community’s from which they come.


This dramatised CSA is about being cautious of the things you do in your life and what you post online, as once you have made something publicly available you may not be able to control who sees it and may not be able to remove it.


Kawa kawa para ngalypa-ngalyparingkunytja

Piitja kuratjara iyantjawiyangku wantima